A Plan for Our Communities

San Francisco is a beautiful and unique City where seniors, families, and young professionals can thrive. But looking at our streets today, you would get a very different impression. Homelessness is at an all-time high, crime is on the rise, and the cost of living is hurting everyone. We are the home of innovation and creativity, where marginalized communities seek refuge, young professionals come to pursue their dreams, and families put down their roots. We can do better.  

Supervisor Catherine Stefani has been a part of this community for almost two decades. She is an activist, a community leader, and a public servant. She understands the issues we face, and she knows how to get things done in City Hall. She will continue to be a relentless champion for our neighborhoods.

Catherine’s plan for our communities includes:

Making Our Neighborhoods Safe

  • Hold regular hearings on car break-ins to improve police response and prevention.
  • Add more foot patrol and specialty crime units to address the property crime epidemic.
  • Build out the security camera registry program with SFPD for residents to register their security cameras to help assist criminal investigations.
  • Fully fund and fully staff our police force.
  • Roll out Park Smart campaign with Northern and Central Police Station Captains Joe Engler and Paul Yep to alert residents and visitors to not leave valuables in their cars.
  • Support an SFPD officer designated for the Marina Safeway.
  • Upgrade the Palace of Fine Arts security system with Rec and Park Department and share video footage with SFPD to help build strong property crime cases.
  • Partner with neighborhood associations to build out their SF Safe neighborhood watch coverage and programs.

Reducing Homelessness

  • Continue Mayor Ed Lee’s plan to create more navigation centers that will help get people off the streets and into housing and treatment.
  • Fight for more resources from the state and federal government to end homelessness by tackling the root causes, improving mental health and substance abuse services, and providing more housing opportunities.
  • Fully fund adequate police staffing and crisis training for SFPD as first responders to the street behavior crisis and our homeless epidemic.
  • Advocate for additional funding as a member of the Budget & Finance Committee for our Homeward Bound Program which has successfully reconnected thousands of formerly homeless with their family and loved ones.

Investing in Our Merchant Corridors

  • Use data and research from the Formula Retail Study to draft policy to address the future of retail on our merchant corridors.
  • Beautify our major merchant corridors on Union, Chestnut, Fillmore Lombard and Sacramento Streets to attract more customers to visit our local small businesses.
  • Incentivize commercial property owners to lower rents and entice new businesses to empty storefronts.
  • Improve pedestrian safety, infrastructure, and public safety along major merchant corridors.

Helping San Franciscans Thrive

  • Address our housing affordability crisis by working to close the housing shortfall, with housing opportunities at every income level.
  • Help families stay in the city by continuing to create new open space through Supervisor Mark Farrell’s Shared Schoolyard Project which opens public schoolyards for  the community on the weekends.
  • Sponsor the annual Marina Family Fest which hosts over 5,000 families each year for a free family-friendly event.


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