Catherine is a mom, a former prosecutor, former chief of staff to two supervisors, former San Francisco County Clerk and a national advocate for gun safety. As Supervisor, Catherine is finding solutions to our greatest challenges. She reduced car break-ins by 20%, put 250 more cops on the street, and audited our street cleaning.

Stopping Car Burglary Rings

Since taking office, Catherine has reduced car break-ins in the District by 20%. She is adding 250 officers to our Police Department over the next four years to expand foot patrols, expanding the security camera registry program to allow law enforcement access to private cameras, and leading the charge on Park Smart!, a public education campaign to help residents protect themselves from car break-ins.

Making Every Dollar Count

San Francisco now spends more money per capita than any other city in America, but we're still struggling to solve the homeless crisis and keep our streets clean. That’s why Catherine is leading the charge to audit the effectiveness of city spending on homeless services and street cleaning to make sure we’re getting maximum results for the money spent.

Finding New Solutions to Homelessness

Catherine is holding the Department of Homelessness Services accountable for every dollar spent. She's also working to get people off the street and into supportive housing as quickly as possible, and expanding mental health and substance abuse services.

Helping Local Merchants Fill Vacant Storefronts

As Supervisor, Catherine is introducing flexible permitting to help struggling small businesses find new sources of revenue and creating incentives for property owners to fill storefronts.

Cleaning up and Maintaining Our Neighborhood Parks

Catherine helped renovate Alta Plaza Park and is working with neighbors to create a new park at the Francisco Reservoir. She also added 44 city cleaners to keep our community clean.


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